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  • Conference BugHuntFest(in Polish)2024

    Conference BugHuntFest(in Polish)2024

    I invite you to the free online testing conference BugHuntFest organised by Fabryka Testów (in Polish). Very cool topics and speakers, including me 🙂 🚀 Meet 8 experts who will share their knowledge and experience, offering practical tips and inspiring case studies. 💡 We invite everyone, from beginner testers to experienced specialists, to discover together…

  • Insights from the AI Summit – Madeira 2023

    Insights from the AI Summit – Madeira 2023

    About the Summit The AI Summit, held at the Press Museum (Museu de Imprensa da Madeira) in Câmara de Lobos, brought together industry experts, professionals, and enthusiasts to delve into the latest advancements and applications of Artificial Intelligence. The event offered a platform for thought-provoking discussions, practical insights, and networking opportunities. Alongside engaging speeches, participants…