Insights from the AI Summit – Madeira 2023

About the Summit

The AI Summit, held at the Press Museum (Museu de Imprensa da Madeira) in Câmara de Lobos, brought together industry experts, professionals, and enthusiasts to delve into the latest advancements and applications of Artificial Intelligence. The event offered a platform for thought-provoking discussions, practical insights, and networking opportunities. Alongside engaging speeches, participants indulged in local Portuguese sweets during the coffee break and received a thoughtful eco bag with gadgets.

My experience

As a participant in the AI Summit, I was captivated by the wealth of knowledge and innovation presented throughout the event. It was my first IT-related event in Madeira. The speeches were not only informative but also highly practical, showcasing real-world examples of AI implementation.

João Santos from Microsoft shed light on the potential of cloud-native applications, highlighting how AI can revolutionise business and governmental operations. He presented some interesting example from Portugal, for example Practical Guide to Justice (GPJ). Practical Guide to Justice is an accessible resource designed to facilitate citizens’ engagement with the legal system, enabling them to quickly access the information they require at any given time. Powered by the collaborative efforts of OpenAI and Microsoft, the Guide utilises the advanced GPT 3.5 language model. Funny example: You can ask GPJ if you can marry your cat 🐈 😺 Please note that GPJ is in beta version.

David Jardim, representing Oracle, explored the exciting possibilities of AI in the retail industry, demonstrating how it can enhance customer experiences and drive growth. During his speech, participants learned about the potential of AI in optimizing inventory management for physical stores. The application of AI in this context can prevent stock excess, optimize space utilization, and provide clients with the latest and personalised offerings.

Eliano Marques from Tracer unveiled insights into building a scalable vision system, emphasizing the importance of robust infrastructure for AI-powered solutions. The speaker’s presentation left many participants surprised. Tracer, with its primary mission of ensuring the safety of brands and (sometimes) individuals on the internet, actively monitors and detects any instances of misuse associated with specific brands or names. The volume of data processed during this endeavor is extensive, contributing to a more secure online environment where individuals are less susceptible to fraudulent activities such as purchasing fake iPhones or clothes.

Lastly, Adi Mazor Kario from Invincible Innovation left the audience inspired with a glimpse into the future of AI through generative AI technologies, illustrating how they can unlock unprecedented creative potential. She addressed both the benefits and drawbacks of AI in future contexts during her talk. Topics covered: creativity of humans vs. AI, can AI steal our jobs?, can AI lie? and much more. Due to the multitude of questions she received, the Summit was extended by an additional half hour 🤓🧐

You can find the full recording here.


The AI Summit not only provided a comprehensive overview of the current trends in AI but also discussed the advantages and disadvantages of this rapidly evolving field. The event created a conducive environment for networking, fostering collaborations among professionals and companies. Overall, I left the summit feeling enlightened and motivated to explore the limitless possibilities of AI in my own endeavors (and my blog is a good example 🙂 )

AI Summit, count me in next time!