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  • Conference BugHuntFest(in Polish)2024

    Conference BugHuntFest(in Polish)2024

    I invite you to the free online testing conference BugHuntFest organised by Fabryka TestΓ³w (in Polish). Very cool topics and speakers, including me πŸ™‚ πŸš€ Meet 8 experts who will share their knowledge and experience, offering practical tips and inspiring case studies. πŸ’‘ We invite everyone, from beginner testers to experienced specialists, to discover together…

  • Simplifying Test Automation with PyYAML in Python

    Simplifying Test Automation with PyYAML in Python

    Test automation plays a crucial role in ensuring software quality. As part of this process, managing test data and configurations becomes essential. This is where PyYAML, a powerful Python library for parsing and manipulating YAML files, comes into play. In this short article, I would like to introduce PyYAML – a library I found useful…

  • 5 tips for TestOps strategy

    5 tips for TestOps strategy

    TestOps approach is my passion. I not only write automated tests but also design entire strategies. I want to share some basic tips with you. Parallel Test Execution with Distributed Agents: Run your test suite across multiple agents or machines in parallel. This reduces test execution time significantly, allowing faster feedback on code changes. Tools…