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  • YubiKey – a higher level of security

    YubiKey – a higher level of security

    Summary in English: This is a blog post about the YubiKey, a physical U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) key used for securing access to online accounts. The author explains that whileĀ 2FA methodsĀ likeĀ SMS codesĀ andĀ Google AuthenticatorĀ are still effective, they can be vulnerable to interception by scammers. The YubiKey, on the other hand, offers a more secure method of…

  • New website –

    New website –

    Hi! My website has changed! I removed my blog (written in Polish) and I have moved from Poland do Portugal. Please come back later – I plan to add my best blog posts here: in English & maybe in Polish. For those people who want to purchase my books on Amazon (Persian language related), there…